Commitment to Extraordinary is the key to rapid success

Connext has rapidly established itself as a leading broker in the dynamic Southeast Asian CFD market, achieving millions in net deposits in its first year. Its success formula is simple: offering extraordinary trading conditions that give customers an edge in the volatile forex market. With zero commission fee, spread starting from 0.0, and leverage up to 1:1000, Connext enables low-cost and high-reward operations for traders of all levels.

Building upon its financial accomplishments, Connext takes user experience (UX) to the next level. The company is dedicated to offering the most intuitive UX by carefully selecting and integrating top-tier platforms. This commitment ensures unparalleled user experience and swift performance, crucial for traders navigating the dynamic forex market. Moreover, Connext’s focus on UX extends beyond technology; it encompasses comprehensive monthly training, procurement, events, and community engagement facilitated by the seasoned IB & Business Development team. With a decade of experience in the FX industry, this team is devoted to enhancing customer benefits, always prioritizing client needs. Such a customer-centric approach is ConnextFX’s hallmark, creating an exceptional trading environment tailored to the evolving demands of traders and Introducing Brokers (IBs).

Recently, Connext has boasted robust regulatory credentials, a key aspect for traders and IBs seeking a reliable trading partner. Notably, Connext LTD is registered in Seychelles and is duly authorized by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) under license SD155, underscoring its stringent adherence to financial regulations. Additionally, Connext LLC operates out of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and is regulated under the International Business Companies Act, reinforcing its commitment to providing authorized and secure forex trading services. These strong regulatory foundations ensure that the brand is operated with transparency and integrity, making it a trustworthy choice.

Envisioning a never-before Global Trading Dynamics

Connext’s innovative vision is evident in its recent merger with a renowned Latin American broker with local expertise and advancements. This integration marks a bold step into wider markets in Latam and Asia, including Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Vietnam, and Malaysia, creating a new era of synergy and opportunity for both brands and their customers.

The result of this union is an unmatched offering. Under the same roof as Connext, the customers of both brands can now access the intuitive Client Portal and Copy Trading application, which provide convenient and transparent ways to manage and grow their portfolios. The Client Portal is powered by FXBO, a CRM provider with 15+ years of forex expertise and trusted by 200+ brokers globally. The Copy Trading app is managed by Pelican, an FCA authorized and regulated partner, which allows users to follow, copy and earn profit with 6000+ signal providers across multiple assets and portfolio selections in real time.

The combined experience and reputation of both brands promise to revolutionize the CFD trading experience for traders and IBs, offering them unparalleled access, convenience, and quality in the global forex market.


Connext’s New Direction Under Simon Andras

At the helm of this evolution is Simon Andras, the newly appointed CEO of Connext. With his notable leadership and experience at companies like Tickmill, Blackwell Global and FxPrimus, he is set to steer Connext with a vision that anticipates market trends and offers growth opportunities for both traders and IBs.

With a clear focus on accessibility and value for traders, Simon’s direction ensures Connext is primed to transform CFD trading at a global scale. Over the next three years, the firm’s aim is to rapidly Unpack Trading Complexity with innovative technology and user-centric approach, as well as expanding into new markets and sustaining its rapid execution and transparency.


As a result of the new market approach, Connext has launched an educational blog for traders:, with a vision for a one-stop portal for all non-native traders. A series of Podcasts to demystify the complexities of trading, providing direct traders with essential tools to confidently navigate the financial markets, is also in development by the senior Marketing team.

These actions reflect Connext’s ongoing commitment to innovation and user support, reaffirming its position as a leader in the forex and CFD sector. To learn more about Connext and its offerings, visit their website / or follow them on social media.

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